Our History

Research Air Flo, Inc. was founded in October of 1977 by Randolph S. Shannon (Randy). Mr. Shannon held strong convictions about providing top notch customer service and a product of the highest integrity. These convictions and lots of prayer guided Mr. Shannon’s vision to found Research Air Flo, Inc. These primary principals built a strong foundation that continues to drive the company today.

In 1978 Randy took Donald L. Ledford as a business partner. Research Air Flo, Inc. continued to grow under their leadership. In 1984 Randy and Don formed Specialty Sheetmetal Systems and in 1987 Randy and Don decided to split the two companies. Randy continued as president of Research Air Flo, Inc. and wished Don all the best in his endeavors. In 1989 Randy obtained his certifications in Air & Hydronics from the National Environmental Balancing Bureau (NEBB).

The company continued to grow and take on large complex projects. Randy knew he needed a strong ethical business partner to help him. Under a great deal of stress he prayed God would send him such a partner. While working on a project out of town he went to the dining room of the hotel where he was staying. In the dining room he saw a gentleman that looked familiar eating alone. He went over and discovered it was Charles E. Derrick whom he had worked with at another firm in the early 70’s. Randy told Charles he had been praying for a partner, Charles shared he had been praying for a change as well.

A match made in heaven!

In 1991 Charles E. Derrick became the Vice President of Research Air Flo, Inc. Charles’ strong people skills and desire to treat customers and employees with respect enabled the company to grow exponentially. In 2002 Research Air Flo, Inc. opened another office in Raleigh, North Carolina. This division is currently under the leadership of Timothy Larson. In 2011 Research Air Flo, Inc. added a third office in Charlotte, North Carolina. This division is currently under the leadership of Michael DeSimone. Tim & Mike entrusted with these tasks as they shared the vision and values of the founders. We are very fortunate to have them on our team.

Randy and Charles knew they would need to pass the torch eventually and began early training of their sons. Randy’s son Joel had worked part-time during the summers of his childhood and then came on full time in 1988.

Charles’ son Kevin came to work full time in 1993.

Both sons were taught how to perform field work and were kept in that capacity many years to develop a strong understanding of Test & Balance work.

Later they were moved into management roles developing relationships with our customers and employees. In 2007 Kevin and Joel became shareholders in the company. In October 2011 Randy and Charles both retired. Joel and Kevin became equal co-owners of the company and are working hard to live up to the standards set by their fathers.

Our goal has & always will be to treat our customers and employees the way we want to be treated with the highest level of Character, Honesty, Respect, Integrity, Service, and Trust!

May God continue to bless Research Air Flo, Inc.


Research Air Flo, Inc. is certified by NEBB and TABB. We offer a full time staff of engineers to review reports and insure a quality report is provided to our clients in a timely fashion.