Annual / Periodic Hospital Air Change / Pressurization Testing

Critical Environments, such as Airborne Infectious Isolation/Protective Environment Rooms, Operating Rooms and Catheterization Labs, should be regularly validated for proper air change and pressurization. Operating RoomState Inspection agencies and the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations (JCAHO) require this testing and documentation.

Research Air Flo, Inc. will not only provide you with the results, but will also make the proper adjustments and work with your Infection Control & Hygiene Professionals to insure applicable standards are met.

Numerous Hospital and Ambulatory Surgery Centers have trusted Research Air Flo, Inc. for years to insure their patients are protected.

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Research Air Flo, Inc. is certified by NEBB and TABB. We offer a full time staff of engineers to review reports and insure a quality report is provided to our clients in a timely fashion.