Stairwell Pressurization Testing

stairwell pressure croppedStairwell pressurization is a critical component of any facility’s fire control and life safety system, keeping exit routes smoke-free in the event of a fire. Trouble arises when a stairwell loses pressure as its doors open and close. Stairwell pressurization testing ensures that a building’s occupants can exit safely during a fire emergency. Correct pressures, air change rates, and door pull forces are key ingredients in a safe structure.

Research Air Flo, Inc. can perform Stairwell Pressurization Testing on any size building. Feel free to contact us today to discuss how we can help with your project!


Research Air Flo, Inc. is certified by NEBB and TABB. We offer a full time staff of engineers to review reports and insure a quality report is provided to our clients in a timely fashion.