Research Air Flo, Inc. has extensive experience on a wide variety of projects ranging from hotels, office buildings, and restaurants, to manufacturing facilities, hospitals, data centers, and medical labs. Some of our work is covered by non disclosure agreements – it all depends on the client’s needs. Here is a sampling of some of the projects that we can share with you.

Methods, Approach, and Controls Used: We utilize the project construction schedule along with direct coordination between RAF and the Client project managers to ensure project activities are planned for and start dates are realized. Manpower and resources are then adjusted as needed throughout the project in order to complete tasks and reach milestones.

Punch items are resolved as quickly as possible by having RAF field personnel communicate issues with the mechanical foreman on-site. If the issue cannot be resolved immediately, then it is elevated to the RAF project manager. Once issues are elevated, they are then added to a punch list which is emailed to the Client’s project manager.

Final reports are issued once all punch items are resolved and revisited by RAF personnel.

Project Types:


Research Air Flo, Inc. is certified by NEBB and TABB. We offer a full time staff of engineers to review reports and insure a quality report is provided to our clients in a timely fashion.